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Pride Brunch with La Barakakings


Pride Brunch with La Barakakings

free brunch drag show
SA 18.05 10:30 - 14:00

Celebrate yourself with drag, love and croissants.

Good morning Pride! Wake up in the boundary-pushing world of La Barakakings with a free brunch and drag show filled with humor, darkness and sensuality. Sip on a mimosa alongside a macho athlete, clumsy lover and magical paramour.

Featuring Raoul Les Mécaniques, Dicklan, Lil·X·ir, Mama Tituba and Enby Valent.

Raoul embodies the nostalgic rock romance of the 1980s, while Dicklan navigates through male stereotypes. Lil·X·ir embraces activism and gender fluidity, Mama Tituba enchants magical performances, and Enby Valent breaks gender boundaries with transgressive expression.

Together, they form the inclusive world of La Barakakings, the Brussels collective that makes visible the diversity of drag art and the people who practice it.·X·ir