Olga Kopenkina The November residency: Gender

Feminism is Politics!
Olga Kopenkina is the second Kran Film Resident who will pay a ten-day visit to Brussels in order to explore Flemish video and film archives, meet film professionals, give a lecture at RITS School of Arts, and organize a screening programme at Beursschouwburg Brussels.

lecture, film screening
MO 18.11.2013 17:00
TH 21.11.2013 20:30

Kopenkina's residency programme is developed around the theme of gender. She will be exploring the relationship between gender and cinema and will question how women-filmmakers respond to the various living conditions shaped by capital, state politics and war; how they ultimately contribute to discussion about significance of an organized action and creation of feminist activist networks through the use of film technologies and internet.

Drawing the references to history of feminism and queerness, the film program embraces the wide spectrum of art and activism: from performance and video to documentation of direct action, redefining notions of “riot”, revolt, autonomy, emancipation, revolution, and other concepts that shape radical feminist philosophy.

  • Lana Čmajčanin, Female President, 2005, 3,17 min.
  • Yes! Association, We Will Open a New Front – a Lecture of Lee Jones, 2010, 25 min.
  • Pussy Riot, Punk Prayer – Mother of God, Chase Putin Away!, 2012, 2 min.
  • Bureau of Melodramatic Research, Protect Your Heart at Work, 2012, 25 min.
  • Kasja Dahlberg, Female Fist, 2006, 20 min.

  • surprise

During her Kran residency in Brussels, Olga Kopenkina will give a lecture on ‘New Feminism and Media’, 18 November, 5pm RITS School of Arts, Antoine Dansaertstraat 70, Brussels 1000

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