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Bâtard Part 2: Magic Sells


Bâtard Part 2: Magic Sells

performance festival
1 NOV — 3 NOV 2023

Embrace this spell-culative experience where talented charlatans have brewed super-potent elixirs, promising climaxes of art and pleasures of togetherness.

WE 01.11

19:30 Nancy Khadra (Beurscafé)
21:00 Movements of Soul, Christian Yav (Rooftop)

TH 02.11

18:00 Conversation, Share your activist skills by SOTA (Foyer)
19:30 Mavi Veloso (Beurscafé)
21:00 Lounge, Marga Alfeirão with Mariana Benenge, Myriam Lucas and Shaka Lion (Gouden zaal)

FR 03.11

19:30 — 20:30 DJ set Boubou B2B Sabineski (Beurscafé)
21:00 Ways to Listen to a River, Nahuel Cano (Gouden zaal)

SA 04.11

18:00 Conversation: Cognitive Dissonance in the cultural field (Zinnema, Veeweydestraat 24-26, 1070 Anderlecht)
20:30 Speak like no one in particular, Esther Némethi (Zinnema)
23:00 — ... Fool's Gold Party (Cobra Jaune, Boulevard du Midi 75, 1000 Brussels) 

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