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Jan Vromman, André Colinet - AVV-VVK, een Scenario / Vision Rythmée
extra muros film screening
4 MAR — 8 MAR 2015

Jan Vromman - AVV-VVK, een Scenario / AVV-VVK, un Scenario

How do you convince the government that they should grant your project on the theme “Alles voor Vlaanderen/Vlaanderen voor Christus” (“Everything for Flanders/Flanders for Christ”)? The decision-makers are not fundamentally opposed to it, but they want to see something to motivate their choice. So Jan Vromman decided to submit a scenario on tape, because after all, one is dealing with video.

André Colinet - Vision Rythmée

In February 1987 in Brussels, Raoul RUIZ shot his film "Le professeur Taranne", based on the play by Arthur Adamov. Three years later, with the images of a news report, André Colinet made this film which provides a very particular view of the shooting.

AVV-VVK, een Scenario / AVV-VVK, un Scenario
1988, 37', colour, Dutch spoken.

André Colinet - Vision Rythmée 1989, 22', colour, Dutch and French spoken.

At Argos
Werfstraat 13 rue du Chantier
1000 Brussels