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Bruce LaBruce/Erika Lust Valentin, Pierre + Catalina

Bruce LaBruce/Erika Lust Valentin, Pierre + Catalina

FR 14.02.2020 19:00

LaBruce brings polyamory to the XConfessions series by Erika Lust.

The movie is set in the year 2022, just after the third great world war. Climate Change is threatening humanity and the world is ruled by ruthless emperor Donald Trump and his almighty Twitter account. Only one small, and newly independent country keeps resisting what seems like the inevitable end of human kind: The independent Republic of Catalunya, or as Bruce calls it “A hotter, sexier Switzerland”.


Valentin and Pierre are best friends and refugees in Catalunya. Except their deep friendship for each other, they have another thing in common: They are both madly in love with Catalina. Catalina, a former fighter of the “YoTambien” movement, who got kicked out for sleeping to much with the enemy,  is very much aware of how much her lovers adore her.


To prove to them that the love they have for each other and for her doesn’t have to go to waste to fit into the social norm of what a relationship is supposed to look like, she pretends to struggle with making a decision between them. She proposes an ultimate test to find out who loves her the most: In order to win the competition and to become her boyfriend, she wants Valentin and Pierre to have sex with each other while she is watching, the winner of her heart will be the one who truly enjoys it more…




Bruce LaBruce is an internationally acclaimed filmmaker, photographer, writer, and artist based in Toronto. Political, artistic, controversial, sensitive and confrontational, LaBruce's work is many things - but the humanity within, the deep understanding of a desire, always, for human connection, is what keeps his work rooted in a reality that we can always recognise, as absurd or unbelievable as it may become. Sex may be his medium for social commentary, but it's clear that it is also a thoroughly personal and private journey that LaBruce allows us to voyeuristically experience and enjoy. 


Along with a number of short films, he has written and directed nine feature films, including his most recent, Gerontophilia, which won the Grand Prix at the Festival du Nouveau Cinema in Montreal in 2013, and Pierrot Lunaire, which won the Teddy Award Special Jury Prize at the Berlinale in 2014.



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