my porny valentine
Four Chambers Orgone

Four Chambers Orgone

FR 14.02.2020 22:00

Wilhelm Reich’s in The Function of the Orgasm theorised a powerful bioelectrical sexual life force he called orgone energy, it could be harnessed with the use of a device Orgone Accumulator.
The accumulator is part science experiment, part esoteric fuck machine, part reverse glory hole.
“I tell you only you yourself can be your liberator!

I know that what you call ‘GOD’ really exists, but not in the form you think” From a background in analogue photography, art school bullshit and digital sex online, Four Chambers is a project, an idea and an ongoing collaboration with the intention to explore the aesthetic and conceptual potential of pornography as a medium for ideas.

Headed by performer, Vex Ashley and self-taught in editing and videography with an emphasis on collaborative DIY practices; Four Chambers now exists alongside a new wave of creators making contemporary pornographic work from a new perspective.

Born from a global community of social media, Four Chambers is a part of the growing decentralisation from traditional adult industry practices and studios, raising money to support the project initially by donation and now through ongoing community crowdfunding.
The project remains deliberately ambiguous, rejecting labels for both their films and performers, existing in-between genres of both art and pornography and dismissing the need for a definition of either.

Exploring themes of technology, symbolism, mythology and alchemy and their intrinsic intersection with sex, Four Chambers is independent, DIY, conceptual; magical realism porn.