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Opening Night Normal Schnormal

Opening Night Normal Schnormal

FR 01.02.2019 18:00

What is normal? Am I normal? Do you think X, Y or Z is normal? Join us for the festive launch of a multidisciplinary programme on normality and other deviations: NORMAL SCHNORMAL. 


18:00 NORA TURATO - Diffusion Line (Opening Expo) & BERT HUYGHE - Mural (Opening in Beurscafé) (FREE)
18:00 – 00:00 POL MERCHAN - Pirate Boys (FREE)
19:30 Welcome and drinks (beurscafé)
20:00 Performance Nora Turato (FREE)
20:30 NTANDO CELE Black Off (You will need a ticket for this one.)
22:30 The Normal Party (FREE & till 05:00)

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