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Simili Gum + Jeunesse 7


Simili Gum + Jeunesse 7

release party
FR 05.04.2019 20:00

Santé Loisirs and Le Pacifique Records are presenting their newest cassette tape, have some brews with them and buy them all.

20:00 - 02:00

Santé Loisirs is presenting their newest offering in cassette tape form: ‘Enfin Repos’ by Simili Gum contains some new stuff on Side A and a collection of older tracks on Side B.

Le Pacifique Records has a new cassette coming up as well: Jeunesse 7 will provide smooth, narrative synth compositions on ‘Hobbies Galore’.

Wanna hear these tunes super duper loud, or don’t have a cassette player at home? Or even better: your mom gave you her old walkman and you’re dying to grab our new tapes?