20:30 Bruxsels Talks
live show
TH 23.01 20:00

A talk show of the future.

Science fiction works have always typically been set in the 21st Century. Yet it has been twenty years since the start of the millennium and we still do not have flying cars nor human replicants trying to integrate into society.

But perhaps this is soon to change. Join us on the 23rd of January at 20:30 to time travel 10 years into the future to when Brussels has made the inclusive and sustainable transition to a society that takes care of its diverse population on both an ecological and social level. In this fun and entertaining show, you will hear from people of the future sharing about their lives, hopes and fears in the year 2030. There will be reminiscent throwbacks of the past (that is today) through sound archives, contemporary breaking news, live music, and interviews with influential members of 2030’s society, all to trigger action to make this plausible future a reality!

"20:30 Bruxsels Talks" is a scripted talk show produced by Brusselavenir and BNA-BBOT set in the year 2030, performed by actors and produced in a format of the future.

The show will be broadcast at BX1 in front of a live audience at Beurscafé on the 23rd of January at 20:30.


Language : Multilingual with summaries in FR/NL
Duration : 1h30

In association with Beursschouwburg and BX1