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Ahilan Ratnamohan & Star Boy Collective Reverse Colonialism


Ahilan Ratnamohan & Star Boy Collective Reverse Colonialism

FR 08.02.2019 20:30
SA 09.02.2019 20:30

Four Africans living in Belgium have a controversial solution to the issue of migration. And it’s down to the audience to vote yea or nay!

In this politically-charged performance, four Africans living in Belgium finally resolve the issue of migration and integration by creating a new nation for Afro-Europeans and Euro-Africans, where the citizens make their own laws and norms. The journey to this utopic nation is made by way of an animated discussion, the outcome of which is determined by the audience. Can there still be any whiff of colonialism if we all vote democratically?

Ahilan Ratnamohan is an Australian performance maker with Sri Lankan roots who first came to Europe to pursue a career in professional football. Today he operates out of Antwerp, where the Star Boy Collective has been formed, a theatre group consisting of African football-migrants. They’ve already toured Europe and Australia with their unique formula of ‘football dance theatre’. Both in terms of theme and aesthetics, Reverse Colonialism adds a new chapter to Ratnamohan’s oeuvre and that of the Star Boys. These new voices bring to the stage a keen and previously unheard analysis of our society. Their explosive energy is unique and uncensored.

Ahilan Ratnamohan also directed the dance performance Mercenary, which was performed at Beursschouwburg in 2018 as part of Voetbalfestivaldefootball.

Part of NORMAL SCHNORMAL, a multidisciplinary programme on normality and other deviations.

Friday 8 February - Aftertalk with Emma Lee Amponsah

After the performance on Friday we’ll invite you to a conversation with Emma-Lee Amponsah and Ahilan Ratnamohan. Emma-Lee Amponsah is the co-founder of Black Speaks Back, an organisation that discusses questions & issues concerning Belgian and Dutch afro-diaspora.

Saturday 9 February - Aftertalk with Hari Prasad A. Sacré - For All Queens!

After the performance on Saturday we’ll invite you to a conversation with Hari Prasad A. Sacré - For All Queens. Hari is a radical thinker of South Asian descent and co-founder of For All Queens! For All Queens! offers Radical Learning//Radical Events//Radical Consultancy for the advancement of all Queens.


direction: Ahilan Ratnamohan, creation: Ahilan Ratnamohan, Aloys Kwaakum, Etuwe Bright Junior, dramaturgy: Kristof Persyn, production: Kultuurfaktorij Monty, with the support of the city of Antwerp