CANCELLED! - Antwood + Sagat + ssaliva


CANCELLED! - Antwood + Sagat + ssaliva

TH 25.01.2018 21:00

Nooooooooooooooooooooo! Our Canadian has flight trouble and can't make it to Brussels tonight. Antwood,hope to see you later this year. People, let's dry our tears in beurscafe. (Refunds are on their way.)

A bizarre cyborg doll with a fragile sadness.

20:30 doors 
21:00 Ssaliva 
22:00 Sagat 
23:00 Antwood

Canadian producer Tristan Douglas – formally known as Margaret Antwood, with a wink to the novelist Margaret Atwood – introduces us to his newest album, Sponsored Content. This concept recording is said to be ‘a merciless mindfuck’.

Antwood gives commentary on the wondrous world of advertising, the ubiquitousness of ads and the capitalization of (online) content. In between simmering beats, he sneaks in falsely pitched promotional voices, so that it feels like you are listening to advertising spots from outer space. After this, a little detour to will feel a bit different…

Just as the identity of Brussels is unclear, forever shifting and very much alive, so is the sonic world Sagat conjures up, moving the listener into forever unexpected syncopations and melodic elements that seem to tell the story of human flesh being fused with fiber optics. 

Hypnagogic pop, progressive electronic, glitch.