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Hana Miletić

Hana Miletić

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Born in Croatia in 1982, Hana Miletić now lives in Brussels. She holds a Masters in Arts and Archeology from the Vrije University in Brussels and in Photography from the Royal Academy of Fine Arts, Antwerp. Miletić charts the traces of political change at the individual and collective levels. She calls herself a street photographer, using photography as a means of orientating herself in a continuous investigation of social realities. Her work consists of performances, installations, workshops and printed matter. In her Beursschouwburg Materials exhibition in the autumn of 2016 she visualized social fabrics in two ways: in the form of her new, woven works, and by organizing an associated programme of workshops, lectures, performances and screenings.

Hana Miletić has been working at Globe Aroma with a group of women since the beginning of 2017. They have been meeting up on a regular basis for a series of text and textile workshops, which they have shaped together. During these workshops, they shared their experiences spanning several generations, broadened each other’s perspectives and expanded each other’s testimonies. In that time, text became a material compiled by many hands, stitched together and frayed apart with tenderness and care. Textile provided the group with the time they needed to consider the metaphorical meaning of it in society with attention and feeling.