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B-SWAP: An Artistic Identity Swap by Beursschouwburg & Les Brigittines
Leslie Mannès, Sitoid & Vincent Lemaître Atomic 3001


Leslie Mannès, Sitoid & Vincent Lemaître Atomic 3001

TH 20.04.2017 20:30

Pulsation perpétuelle, machine à danser, rituel futuriste, frénésie techno. Marche infernale et burn out en vue!

Atomic 3001 shows a being plagued by a perpetual and irresistible impulse, a dance machine engaged in a futuristic ritual and techno frenzy. A being, a sound, a movement. A being searching for an absolute, true motion, a communion between the physical and sound elements. However, the pace is frantic, like a hellish hike, and there is a constant risk of burnout! How can we escape our history, our condition? How can we break free, let ourselves go? By partying, and dancing? What happens if these activities actually drive our alienation, and if fulfilment blends together/confuses pleasure and violence in the same outburst of energy?


Choreography and performance
Leslie Mannès

Original musical composition
Thomas Turine alias Sitoid

Light Creation
Vincent Lemaître

Outside Eye
Joëlle Bacchetta

Asbl Hirschkuh

Les Brigittines

With the support of
VAT, Théâtre de la Balsamine

Hichem Dahes