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B-SWAP: An Artistic Identity Swap by Beursschouwburg & Les Brigittines
Meytal Blanaru Aurora


Meytal Blanaru Aurora

TH 20.04.2017 19:30

This piece grew out of a question that kept coming back to the choreographer: how much of who I am really comes from within myself, and how much has been carved and shaped by society's norms?

The more that I dived into this question, the answer seemed to be pushed further away beyond my reach. Then I approached the topic of wild children (Feral children) - Children that spent the first few years of their life with no human contact; either raised by animals or secluded by abusive parents. I thought that those children must have developed themselves from themselves. I wondered how they would move, how they would behave. Through this filter I was able to connect to a place inside me that felt untouched.

Aurora is dedicated to Genie, a child who spent the first 13 years of her life in isolation before she was freed. Inspired by Genie’s development of an alternative physicality, Meytal Blanaru created a very personal language based on movements.