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Bilou + Basile3


Bilou + Basile3

concert free
WE 11.10.2023 20:00

Delicious hybrid of familiar voices and futuristic bleep bleeps.

20:00 Basile3
21:00 Bilou

Bilou's art fuses sounds and images, voices and genders, memories and predictions. Their intimate texts in inclusive French carry the authority of an inner child; their deconstructed electronics are as thoughtful as they are intuitive. You may have caught them during the dreamy Fifty Session curated by Flavien Berger, or at Volta, for an evening curated by Bilou's Fortune Collective. Bilou will be performing solo tonight - expect the sound of a choir of angels pulling an all-nighter.


In his productions, compositions and mixes, Basile3 always manages to strike a new, unexplored balance between safety and adventure. He lets his audiences come home to an organic yet artificial universe where R'n'B, grime, bass music, downtempo and hyper ambient merge. You'll find him in the peppy company of Clara!, Vica Pacheco, jujulove or on Kiosk Radio. Those who attended his golden hour set at Woodblocks Festival will surely agree: our trusty past and future fantasies can flawlessly share the floor together.


photo credit Basile3: @nomdutilisatrice001