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Catherine Graindorge + Natasha Pirard


Catherine Graindorge + Natasha Pirard

FR 27.09 20:00

Catherine Graindorge is a violinist, violist, composer and actress based in Brussels. Over the years, she has built her craft by mixing disciplines, creating theatre shows as a writer and actor, composing music for her own and others' shows and playing in various musical formations. 

Since 2012 and the release of The Secret of us all, her first solo album, she has multiplied collaborations with artists such as Iggy Pop, John Parish (PJ Harvey), Hugo Race(Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds), Pascal Humbert and Bertrand Cantat (Detroit), Nick Cave, Warren Ellis, Mark Lanegan (Jeffrey Lee Pierce Project) but also composed for dance, theatre and cinema (with a Magritte nomination for her soundtrack of Le Chant des Hommes). 

On April 26th she launched her 3rd album  Songs for the Dead  on Tak :Til (Glitterbeat Records). Taking as her starting point Allen Ginsberg's poem "A Dream Record", in which he recounts a dream encounter with his late friend Joan Burroughs, and the myth of Orpheus who wanted to bring Eurydice back to the living, Catherine weaves an intense musical tale, caught between light and shadow, anguish and hope, lyricism and introspection. To accompany her sensitive, textured strings, Catherine invites the deep, incarnate voice of Simon Huw Jones (And Also The Trees), the telluric bass of Pascal Humbert (16 Horsepower, Wovenhand, Lilium) and the delicate piano of Simon Ho. In a distant echo to the cinematographic flights of Max Richter or the flayed harmonies of Warren Ellis, somewhere between ambient, rock and neo-classical, the music on this new opus continues its singular, bewitching trajectory.