Catherine Graindorge + Natasha Pirard

A double dive into the depths of neo-classical and electro-acoustic sounds.

FR 27.09 20:00

The Brussels violinist, composer and actress Catherine Graindorge released her third solo album, “Songs for the Dead,” in April 2024, and is now performing it on stage with singer Simon Huw Jones (And Also The Trees), bassist Pascal Humbert (16 Horsepower, Wovenhand, Lilium), and pianist Simon Ho.

“Songs for the Dead” is inspired by the Ancient Greek myth of Orpheus and the poem “Dream Record: June 8, 1955” by Beatnik legend Allen Ginsberg. Just like Ginsberg, Graindorge reflects on what knowledge and influence the deceased have over the living. She explores themes such as emptiness and repetition, light and shadow, fear and hope. The result is an intense tribute to love and loss.

Since her first solo album, "The Secret of Us All", in 2012, Catherine Graindorge has received multiple awards for her compositions for dance, film, and opera. She collaborated with artists like Debbie Harry, Nick Cave, and Warren Ellis. Iggy Pop contributed to her previous album “The Dictator.”


Natasha Pirard is a musicologist and composer from Ghent. She is fascinated by how and why sound makes us feel, the political implications of sound, noise pollution and the everyday sounds in our immediate environment. She creates electro-acoustic music with synthesizers, ape recorders and acoustic instruments. Soft and mysterious, elusive and shimmering.

Her album "Dream Cycles" was released in February 2024 on the Ghent-based label DEEWEE. It is a 120-minute exploration of sounds, loops, frequencies and waves, an eight-part musical cycle split into 15-minute sections across four cassettes currently available only at her live shows.



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