Call for audience / extras

The Beurscafé will serve as a recording site where the collective project “The Surplus of the Non-producer” moves on stage and on screen. It will take on different forms and tell new stories through film, sound and poetry. 

“The Surplus of the Non-producer” is a project that artist Ève Chabanon has been developing collectively since 2016. The ‘non-producers’ are a collective of makers in exile who question the way we assign value to cultural work.

During a week-long residency, Nassima Shavaeva will entangle the rhythms of Uyghur traditional singing with the beats of companion musicians and speakers in a cabaret-like setting. But what a concert needs the most is an audience. In order to record images of a live audience, the film crew invites us for a day of music, celebration and filming. 

Please register if you are interested in featuring in the film as an extra. You will be asked to perform some actions such as ‘standing’, ‘walking’, ‘raising a hand’... We will end the day with a drink and a surprise gift from Ève Chabanon.


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