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Chibi Ichigo + Gloom Club DJs


Chibi Ichigo + Gloom Club DJs

release concert
WE 09.11.2022 20:00

New album, new sounds: Chibi’s still making hip hop herstory.

20:00 doors
20:30 Gloom Club dj's
21:45 Chibi Ichigo
22:30 Gloom Club dj's
01:00 end

Chibi Ichigo - née Sabina Nurijeva - is rocketing to Belgium’s musical heights, and beyond. On her new record, Chibi’s signature mix of Dutch and Russian lyrics mesh with hip hop beats and pumping breakbeat techno topped off by thick guitar licks, all coming together to form something that sounds like the musical love child of Soulwax and The Prodigy. And you know what? While Chibi keeps on experimenting, we'll forever be there, totally viiiiibing along with her.

Gloom Club is a Brussels-based nightlife collective that focuses on progressive club culture and audiovisual art. They combine the best of the thriving underground scene, resolutely breaking down the boundaries between musical (sub)genres.