postponed/cancelled | Clipping.


postponed/cancelled | Clipping.

WE 22.04.2020 20:00

Evil horrorcore rap. Nothing is safe. w/ AB

20:00 - 00:00

When producers Jonathan Snipes and William Hutson make music with vocalist Daveed
Diggs, they are ‘clipping.’ (with a full stop, so you know it’s serious). This experimental trio
from Los Angeles makes hip hop that’s clearly in the West Coast tradition yet sounds unlike
any hip hop you’ve heard.

In addition to all their individual projects, the clipping. crew already have 3 LPs under their belt (as well as a number of singles, tapes and remixes) on which they are constantly reinventing themselves. From technically on-point rap flows with raw noise to trippy electro and – more recently – a mix of cinema soundtracks and horrorcore.The cherry on this extraordinary cake: in 2015 Diggs scored a slew of prizes as a musical theatre actor for his roles in ‘Hamilton’. clipping. is experimental but clearly knows what it’s doing, adding an extra helping of confrontational energy to their live shows.