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Come Together
Louis Vanhaverbeke MULTIVERSE


Louis Vanhaverbeke MULTIVERSE

FR 28.10.2016 20:30
SA 29.10.2016 20:30

In the beginning there was nothing 
and then that too exploded

In MULTIVERSE, Louis Vanhaverbeke (BE) is a multipurpose disk jockey. The beat is set through round speakers, but Vanhaverbeke is not a real rapper. He bounces arguments around, rips lyrics apart, collapses ideas into building sets. He pumps up the best hits, brushes off references until those ideas start to stutter, and we are swept into a brand-new dimension.

As he walks and sings, a living colour wheel emerges, arranged in gradations between statement and play. For the rest, the tool kit includes plastic buckets, frisbees, kitchen utensils and lots of other stuff. Can he escape from this tsunami of objects and words? Will he be sucked into all this mess? Or are these the perfect tools to help him stay with the flow? 

"The pluck is stuck, you idiot! 

  • No, that's called scratching, dumbo."

BE, 2016, 75 min
Language no problem

Concept & performance: Louis Vanhaverbeke

Dramaturgy: Dries Douibi
Production: CAMPO

Vinyls: VinylBoutique.Co

Thanks to: OVS, Kunstenwerkplaats Pianofabriek & Vooruit

In 2010, Louis Vanhaverbeke (1988) graduated at Sint-Lucas Gent, atelier Mixed Media, and in 2014, at the School voor Nieuwe Dansontwikkeling (SNDO), Amsterdam. His practice consists mostly of making performances, installations and drawings. From 2017 onwards he’s working as an associated artist of Beursschouwburg.

Saturday 29/10/2016: After talk with the artist

Performance on Saturday 29/10/2016 is free for Subbacultcha! members