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Come Together

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What is it that an arts centre should be doing, if not bringing people together and providing time and space for a collective (artistic) experience, and certainly in times like these, where the talk is of fear and we all seem to be hiding behind our respective doors?

This autumn, our Come Together focus is about coming together, being together and working together. Tous ensemble. Together with you, our public, and together with a long list of partner organizations.

To start the season, we step across the border to get a taste of what our physically close but mentally sometimes distant friends are up to in Dilbeek, at the Westrand cultural centre. We will be showing promising work that our partners in Ghent, at CAMPO, call ‘significant'. More promising work in performing arts and music, respectively, can be seen in the programmes of the two festivals, Bâtard and SCHIEV. We will be working together for the first time with Pink Screens, as well as opening the doors wide for our familiar guests, such as Auguste Orts, Workspace Brussels, Passa Porta, Brussels Academy, SIC, Globe Aroma, LUCA School of Arts, and so on.

Finally, we say a wistful goodbye to artists we have been associated with for the last four years, in an unequaled goodbye party. Goodbye and a great future to Miet Warlop, Amicale de production, Olivia Rochette and Gerard-Jan Claes! But at the same time, we welcome new associations with people we will be working with for the next five years. A mighty welcome to Louis Vanhaverbeke, Nastio Mosquito, Christina Stuhlberger and Empty Taxi!