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Come Together
L’Amicale de production present 
On a préparé des spectacles

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Our affiliates, the artists of L’Amicale de production, are turning Brussels on its head for three whole weeks, with their intelligent, humorous and poetic work. You can go see three different performances at three different art centres.

On a préparé le pass
In order to see all of these performances at reasonable cost, we have arranged a 'pass' for all three. It gives you entrance to all the venues and costs €40, but reservations are required in advance! With the purchase of the pass you will also receive the game, ‘Un jeu de l’oie du spectacle vivant’. With an extra €5, you will also receive a small case with three books and a game created by Amicale de production!

Exchange your voucher as soon as possible for a real Pass at the box offices of Beursschouwburg, Vâria & Les Tanneurs. The unique code allows you to buy tickets online at