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Come Together
Julien Fournet Amis, il faut faire une pause


Julien Fournet Amis, il faut faire une pause

FR 25.11.2016 20:30 Part I
SA 26.11.2016 20:30 Part I
FR 02.12.2016 20:30 Part II
SA 03.12.2016 20:30 Part II
WE 07.12.2016 20:30 Part III
TH 08.12.2016 20:30 Part III

A break. Falling with abandon into a cascade, bathing in basins, finding events, consent to paths, let oneself succumb to the waves. Finally, sinking into the knees in algae to feel their complete vitality.

We leave our shoes behind, drinking herbal tea, making origamis. We lie on the ground, playing, wandering, toying with clay.

This "green school trip" is a philosophical and burlesque exploration encompassing our everyday actions: encountering our culture. Using our tools and in an unusual way, we try to rewire the perilous ties between art, ethics and politics with one resolution: making oneself available for new relations to things, works and events.

Amis, il faut faire une pause / Vrienden, tijd voor een pauze consists of 3 parts that can be watched separately or as a series.

Belgian premiere
NL/FR spoken

►1st PART - Spectateurs de tous les pays, unissez-vous / Toeschouwers aller landen, verenigt u
Fr 25 & Sa 26.11 - 20:30
Rivières, cascades et bassins / Rivieren, meren en vijvers

►2nd PART – La culture, c’est dangereux / Cultuur, op eigen risico
Fr 2 & Sa 3.12 - 20:30
Forêts et clairières / Bossen en open plekken

►3rd PART – Manifeste pour une nouvelle guilde de créateurs / Manifest voor een nieuwe scheppersgilde
We 7 & Th 8.12 - 20:30
Plages et écumes / Strand en zee

Concept/ Text: Julien Fournet
Collaboration & performance: Diederik Peeters
Visuals: Sébastien Vial
Construction: Arnaud Verlet
Advice: Anna Czapski
Outside-eye: Olivier Bosson
Thanks to: Antoine Defoort
Vidéo in "Spectateurs": Belinda Annaloro, Antoine Defoort,  Halory Goerger, Julien Fournet, Sébastien Vial
Production: Amicale de production
Co-production: Le Phénix (FR), Beursschouwburg
Partners: Grand Théâtre (Groningen)
With the support of: Le Lieu Unique (Nantes)
Thanks to: Vivat (Armentières)

L’amicale de production is a production house which has been associated with Beursschouwburg since early 2013 (until the end of 2016). Most of the time, they straddle fine arts and theatre.

LE PASS > €40 for the complete series of On a préparé des spectacles (5 performances in 3 different venues: Beursschouwburg / Theâtre Les Tanneurs / Vâria)