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Come Together
Reading group led by Charlotte Van Buylaere – second meeting

literature performance

Reading group led by Charlotte Van Buylaere – second meeting

performance lecture
SA 29.10.2016 17:00 - 19:00

Under our headliner Come together and in the connection to the framework of Hana Miletic on gender topics, the group will meet for a vivid discussion on texts and films which provide insight into the fourth wave of feminism and the related use of commons.

In a threefold gathering the reading-group will reflect on how feminism is woven into a common-based perspective. Starting off with a critical reading of Silvia Federici’s infamous text on feminism and the politics of the commons, the reading-group will elaborate on issues of reproductive work, feminism and sharing economy. Throughout different examples of designated artworks, texts and videos, the reading-group aims to debate about and look for alternative modes of organizing reproductive work. What are the possibilities and benefits of cooperated domestic work? And how can we achieve this in a contemporary daily routine? How can we make this cooperation sustainable and valuable in the shadow of a competing and monetary profit-minded neoliberal society? How to change the perspective towards undervalued and diminished labor? And the foremost important question during this debate: “How can we actually do it?” 
 In contrast to of a traditional reading group, this event is practically oriented aiming to inspire and encourage participants to introduce common-based practices into their own lives.