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Come Together
Brecht Hermans i Play


Brecht Hermans i Play

performance concert
SA 17.09.2016 17:00

Man-of-all-trades Brecht Hermans (art theorist, stage technician, theatre maker, scenographer and musician) guides you from the Beursschouwburg to Dilbeek, equipped with a portable radio system.

Let yourself go and make your requests! Radio i Play rock-and-rolls alongside. En route, the mobile broadcaster plays your hits in exchange for your memories. Tell Brecht your story and he’ll play your favourite song.

Brecht Hermans (BE)

Do not forget walking shoes!

Concept & game: Brecht Hermans
Dramaturgy: Oortocht
Sound design: Michel Gregoire
With the support of : Kunstencentrum België (Hasselt) and STROOM, talent support in culture of the Province of Limburg (BE)
  i Play is part of the SHARED/FOLDER research project. Inspired by sharing, Brecht Hermans investigates our participatopry behaviour in public space, both online and offline.
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