Xavier Dubois, Inwolves, Dans Dans, Radian, Guillaume Perret & Electric Epic, STUFF.


Xavier Dubois, Inwolves, Dans Dans, Radian, Guillaume Perret & Electric Epic, STUFF.

SA 05.04.2014 19:30

Xavier Dubois

Make no mistake, Xavier Dubois solo is really a duo: his guitar is an intrinsic band member that takes part in determining what happens. Xavier Dubois allows his instrument to speak in all modesty. Lofty solos are not the order of the day and, if we may, we’d call this ‘the loveliest simplicity in all the world’.


Ominous yet soothing. Inwolves rarely, if ever, engage in traditional song structures. Subtle synth layers flow naturally together and become grafted to primal, rhythmic violence. Wander through a forest at dawn or at night fall and the two will, inevitably, evoke very different experiences. Inwolves slalom shrewdly through the various perceptions, thereby creating a unique world, which feels both wondrous and familiar.

Karen Willems, the Zita Swoon Group drummer, has created her new project, Inwolves, accompanied live by Ward Dupan (Low Vertical) and Jüren De Blonde (De Portables). Sounds from Meetjesland were their inspiration for this trip, which is as surreal as it is filmic.

Karen Willems: rhythm/sound machine
Jürgen De Blonde: synths
Ward Dupan: synths

Dans Dans

Even an ardent purist would never dare to accuse them of reserved jams. Dans Dans creates a headstrong world with rolling drums, pumping bass and elastic guitars. But it is especially live – dancing on a knife edge – that the band really reveals its true character: that of restlessly, constantly innovation-craving music junkies.

Bert Dockx: guitar
Fred Lyenn: bass
Steven Cassiers: drums


My God, it’s really difficult to describe this band accurately ... Pure cult from Austria who possesses the art of manipulating acoustic instruments with such precision that you could easily call it an electro act.

Radian lives, plunges and buzzes on a microscopic scale. A game of recognizably primitive sounds. Radian is Radian, that’s the only thing that’s certain.

Guillaume Perret & Electric Epic

Ultraheavy jazz fusion with Zeuhl elements (Zeuhl’s musical roots are in free jazz, think John Coltrane. You’ll also discover sounds of folklore and influences from the work of Carl Orff.)

Perret’s sax is reminiscent of a bad-tempered cobra poised for attack. This French formation would not be out of place at a metal festival, their sound is so aggressive and dark. Guillaume Perret & Electric Epic are infinitely inventive; they give the appearance of structure, only to set the whole lot alight with one or other crazy turn. Slightly flammable!


We round off Jazzeux 2014 with the future; this boy band proves that with a little dedication there are still a whole lot of untrodden paths. STUFF stands for great beats, crazy improvisation, dangerous synth lines and alien grooves. They form a concept band with a unique sound and use samples and loops as the framework for groundbreaking, technically edifying jam sessions. Kraftwerk and Flying Lotus contribute to providing the inspiration, resulting in a unique sound which they’ve described as Live Glitch TripHop. Fiesta and Basta!

Lander Gyselinck: drums
Joris Caluwaerts: keys/electronics
Dries Laheye: electric bass
Andrew Claes: EWI sax/ tenor sax
Mixmonster Menno: turntables


19:30 Xavier Dubois
20:30 Radian
21:15 Inwolves
22:00 Guillaume Perret
23:00 Dans Dans
00:00 STUFF.