Old Man Gloom, Circle & Oathbreaker


Old Man Gloom, Circle & Oathbreaker

Beursschouwburg and AB get together
WE 02.04.2014 19:30

Old Man Gloom (USA)

With the discretion of a runaway ten tonner Old Man Gloom cuts through the alternative metal scene. Their musical arsenal thrashes along relentlessly! If you want to take a break, you’ll be rooted to the spot with soundscapes which make you as solitary as a free parking space in Brussels.

Old Man Gloom rarely plays live. When the band appeared on the poster for the 2014 Roadburn Festival in Tilburg, we invited them immediately. Come and behold one of the most aggressive bands we’ve ever had as guest artiste. Hell yeah!

Circle (Fin)

After searching for some15 years this Finnish cult band succeeds in presenting adult metal music in the broadest and most positive sense of the genre. Tough ’80 riffs flash through a psychedelic prism, with a splash of experiment.

It’s very tempting to view their current sound as their final destination. If we, however, bear in mind their journey to date, this is just a stepping stone. Time and again Circle challenges itself and that keeps them on their toes. Truly an amazing pairing with Old Man Gloom!

AB & Beursschouwburg get together. In order to emphasise our good neighbourly (musical) relations, AB and Beursschouwburg will begin working together on a structural basis as of September ’13.

The two houses have already collaborated occasionally in the past, remember the co-production for the Æthenor concert (the band encompassing Sunn O)))’s Stephen O’ Malley) or for the latest edition of Brussel Feest whereby Tommigun provided the soundtrack for Marc Didden’s film classic ‘Brussels By Night’. But now, these occasional collaborations become structurally embedded (Shangaan Electro 12/10 & Cut Copy 29/11). Both houses will organise, more or less monthly, a concert in the Beursschouwburg promoted by both and focusing on exciting and adventurous music. All with only one goal in mind: further enriching Brussels' cultural and musical landscape.