Planningtorock, Brain Rain & rRoxymore All Love's Legal


Planningtorock, Brain Rain & rRoxymore All Love's Legal

album release
TH 06.03.2014 20:30


has released a new album in which singer-songwriter Jam Rostron proclaims a message which cannot be misinterpreted: All Love’s Legal. A political statement with dance music as the expressive medium - dance music which surprisingly rarely broaches this kind of topic (especially if you are mindful of its origin).

This record is a musical study related to present-day sexuality, which is increasingly less gender-related. Rostron consequently distorted her voice to make Planningtorock sound gender-free. Planningtorock makes music with a meaning; the start of a dialogue about pushing the boundaries of sexuality.

A unique and energetic undertaking of self-expression, which will both enlighten and boost you.

Brain Rain

We don’t mind admitting it: Beursschouwburg has a soft spot for Brain Rain. A delicate collaboration between Gota Slick and Eliza Lozovska who has that ‘je ne sais quoi’ touch, which makes you feel that this is only the beginning. Their indie-electronics are accompanied live by fantastic visuals, which envelop the band in a protective cocoon, as it were, making the experience all the more intense. Brain Rain radiates heat without burning and irrevocably triggers the thaw.

19:00 Beurs Kafee open
20:30 Brain Rain

Planningtorock's official aftershow at Mr Wong. More details here.