DC SALAS The Unspoken LP - Live Premiere


DC SALAS The Unspoken LP - Live Premiere

FR 28.04.2017 21:30

After longer than a year of carefully crafting his first album The Unspoken, DC Salas is ready to hit the stage with an earth-shattering live show.

Breaking loose from the dj booth gives him the opportunity to invite some talented artists to play alongside of him. With Martin from Glass Museum on drums and the band Joy Wellboy (who collaborated to the album) playing some tunes next to him, DC Salas’ Unspoken story will truly come to life.

As the album release is set in June, you won’t want to miss out on this unique show that gives you a glimpse of what DC Salas has in store for you…


► Coline


► DC Salas

facebook.com/dcsalasmusic | soundcloud.com/dc-salas

► Lawrence Le Doux


► Alfred Anders (Crevette Records)

facebook.com/alfredanderscrevette | facebook.com/crevetterecords

► Los Niños Del Parque (Mirror Minds b2b DC Salas)

facebook.com/losninosdelparque2 | soundcloud.com/losninosdelparque

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