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Deep Dive summer residency
Farida Amadou

Farida Amadou

With her bass as a faithful sidekick, the self-taught sound pioneer is working on, well, something new, of course –but exactly what, no one knows.

For years, Farida Amadou (she/her) has been pushing the limits of her electronic bass. In 2021, she used video for the first time during a vibrant performance fusing image and sound. Farida is currently planning to expand on this by organizing workshops and building new communities. No one knows what it'll sound like yet. But you can count on Farida for it to be something totally new and unheard of.

Farida Amadou (1989, BE) is a self-taught musician and performer based in Liège, Belgium. The electric bass has been her main instrument since 2011. In 2013, she started playing many different genres of music, including blues, jazz and hip-hop. Consistently named as one of the most remarkable new stars of the European free and improv scene, Amadou extracts the most exciting sounds from her Fender bass without losing sight of musicality. She has proven herself (inter)nationally in challenging collaborations with such luminaries as free jazz pioneer Peter Brötzmann and Sonic Youth's Thurston Moore. In 2018, she played with Liège punk combo Cocaine Piss. For Europalia 2021, Farida created a sound installation, with the support of Overtoon, QO2 and les ateliers claus. 2023 is set to be a year of touring and working on a new album.