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Diaspora Sounds #20



TH 26.04.2012 20:30

A bizarre trio of three Brussels bass saxophonists

For the last edition of this season’s diaspora, we present the previously unreleased sound of 3Bas, and to mark the occasion encircled by an awe-inspiring host of percussionists. It goes without saying that they are from the diaspora. 3Bas stands for a bizarre trio of three Brussels bass saxophonists. One bass sax is unique in itself but three playing together? Quite simply, an absolute world première! The mega-reeds are fluttered by François Lourtie (formerly in the Beurs with the Soundpainting Orchestra and Pump Up the Bass playing with T & T trio), Marti Mélia (artistic director of Alimentation Générale and two years ago was already in this series in a Catalan duo with Nico Roig) and Luc Mishalle (compiler of diaspora, artistic director of MET-X and recently still on justJAZZit). For this occasion they will be assisted by Badr Derras, Abdessamad Semlali and co, among others, and in between also a good helping of unadulterated Moroccan Sha’abi. And of course, there will also be a few surprising interventions: we don’t have diaspora every day.