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DJ Marcelle


DJ Marcelle

listening AV show
TH 30.11.2023 20:00

When one of the world's most legendary DJs presents an fearlessly experimental audiovisual show, time stands still.

DJ Marcelle has been collecting music longer than most of us have been alive. She’s an artist with a mischievous, rule-bending and almost ironic approach to her DJing, producing and radio hosting. DJ Marcelle, who has had about every dance floor in the world under her spell, will be mixing only voices tonight. Her own recordings, and (un)recognisable samples of an infinite range of voices are mixed live into a hypnotic soundtrack for a film she made herself. We all know her for her daring, eclectic and powerful DJ sets (and their euphoric effect on those who have seen her at work). With this artistic gesture, DJ Marcelle reveals a new facet of herself, far beyond any creative limitations. Yay!



'On fait chauffer les platines chez DJ Marcelle', Tracks ARTE, 11th August 2021