DJ Marcelle


DJ Marcelle

listening AV show
TH 30.11 20:30

Voices, videos and sounds. Sit down, tune in and immerge in a audiovisual voyage.

DJ Marcelle has been collecting music longer than most of us have been alive. She’s an artist with a mischievous, rule-bending and almost ironic approach to her DJing, producing and radio hosting – cut with her trademark wit yet supported by an unquestionable amount of skill.

Well known for her three-turntable setup, DJ Marcelle makes compositions out of songs and symphonies out of mixes – colliding disparate genres, appropriated vocal snippets and warped soundscapes into a giant Frankenstein-like melting pot. Her performances are inventive, euphoric and above all powerful.


'On fait chauffer les platines chez DJ Marcelle', Tracks ARTE, 11th August 2021