Editions GRAVATS Simo Cell B2B Low Jack + Black Zone Myth Chant + Clara! y Maoupa


Editions GRAVATS Simo Cell B2B Low Jack + Black Zone Myth Chant + Clara! y Maoupa

FR 21.12.2018 23:00

A crazy record label that knows how to party shows its dark sides.

Editions Gravats is based in Paris, but the roots and the heart of this label will forever lie in Brittany. Its founders Jean Carval and Erwan Tarek (aka Low Jack) are surrounded by a close circle of artists, with whom they send collages of crunching techno, industrial ambient, DIY installations, French chanson, left-field dub and reggaeton out into the world. Tonight, they are doing that with two live sets and a banging B2B in our Zilveren Zaal.


Ritual noise with dark influences that vary from hip-hop through techno to Goth. With his one-man show of 1000 buttons and cables, Max Primault, known for his High Wolf project, makes an impression at such festivals as Lente Kabinet. Here, he will be conquering Brussels with – as rumour has it – a super-fabulous live set.


Simo Cell hails from Nantes (FR) and is an eclectic DJ who mixes and matches a multitude of genres, always infused with a healthy dose of UK sound. He goes back to back with techno-shaman Low Jack. His Honduran roots, extensive collection of hip-hop and house records, combined with a passion for the rich heritage of '80s post-punk industrial music, result in an experimental and deep rhythmic trance. Together they transform our dance floor into a wild musical sanctuary.

CLARA! Y MAOUPA (live set)

These two DJ darlings have been living in Brussels for a while and will be closing off this evening with a live set of (more or less) industrial electro. Even the oldest of punkers have to dance to these tight drum loops, mad synths and a gigantic shot of reggaeton. Sweat until the very end!