Fab50! Celebrating Beursschouwburg
Besmette stad Johan Grimonprez
film screening extra muros
11 MAR — 15 MAR 2015

Besmette Stad

TV broadcast, Belgium, 1993, 18min, restored in 2007

directed by Johan Grimonprez
with Paul Garrin, Meg Stuart, Alison Murray & Pascal Baes
produced by Ziggurat, Belgian TV BRT / TV1
with the support of Jan van Eyck Academy

  1. Video-Guerrilleros

fragment from Man with a Video Camera by Paul Garrin, 2min

Topic II by Pascal Baes, fragment 1

  1. Smell the flowers while you can

based on 'No Longer Readymade' by Meg Stuart, 3min
directed by Johan Grimonprez
performed by Benoît Lachambre & Meg Stuart
with excerpts from 'Close to the Knives: A Memoir of Disintegration' (Vintage, 1991) by David Wojnarowicz
music by Hahn Rowe
voice by Michael Sears
camera by Carlos Akwaaka Mullins
edited by Rachel Lamisse

Topic II by Pascal Baes, fragment 2

  1. Comment filmer Molenbeek?

Super-8 workshop in Molenbeek by Ciska Lambrechts
directed by Johan Grimonprez
films by workshop participants

Topic II by Pascal Baes, fragment 3

  1. 's Dinsdags...

compilation from 'Kissy Suzuki Suck' by Alison Murray, 3min

At Argos
Werfstraat 13 rue du Chantier
1000 Brussels