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Katrien Vermeire / Herman Asselberghs - Der Kreislauf / this was before...
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1 APR — 5 APR 2015

Katrien Vermeire - Der Kreislauf

In her short film Katrien Vermeire depicts a unique game that is played on Belgium’s beaches in the summer months. When the weather is good, one can find colorful flowers for sale in small, impromptu-built shops. But these flowers hate being watered or rained on, as they are made of paper. Der Kreislauf takes an intimate look at the young players.

Herman Asselberghs - this was before...

Herman Asselberghs' new film piece adapts the participatory performance of the same name by Sirah Foighel Brutmann and Eitan Efrat to a cinematic format. Seven participants take part in a conversation made up only of questions. The session is not rehearsed or scripted in advance: it is the very first question that triggers this horizontal game of moving thought in what seems to be a moment outside of time.

Katrien Vermeire - Der Kreislauf
2014, 28', colour, Dutch, English, French and German spoken, English subtitled.

Herman Asselberghs - this was before...
2014, 28'30", colour, English spoken.

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