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Fatoosan invites Ruby Savage

music conversations

Fatoosan invites Ruby Savage

FR 10.03.2023 18:00 #womensrightsweek

A talk on nightlife, safer spaces, community & healing. 

18:00 TALK

Ruby Savage is the brain behind 'Don't be a creep', an arts initiative working to make music and nightlife spaces safer and 'Artist Recovery Club' which facilitates creative healing thorught online course. 

in English

moderated by Fatoosan

Raised on a mantra of “freedom, healing, peace and power in music,” Ruby Savage is a London based music and culture curator who brings a special kind of affirmative energy to the project she gets involved with. She’s also a radio host and DJ at clubs and festivals around the world.  At the tail end of 2020 she launched Artist Recovery Club, in response to the pandemic’s effect on creative communities leaving peers lost for inspiration, connection and hope. The club facilitates creative healing, artistic discovery and support through an online course built on cult classic self-help book The Artist’s Way. It’s since become a platform for independent minds to connect, inspire, and unblock their inner artist. Ruby is also the creator of Don’t Be A Creep - an arts initiative that spreads a zero-tolerance policy towards harassment in music and nightlife culture through poster and installation campaigns.