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Forest Fringe Come Together with Beursschouwburg


Forest Fringe Come Together with Beursschouwburg

FR 21.10.2016 17:00 - 20:00

Forest Fringe is an organisation run collaboratively by three artists based in the UK.

Together we create festivals, host residencies and occasionally commission new work as a way of helping support a large and diverse community of independent artists working across and between theatre, dance and live art. We are perhaps most well known for the free venue we have run at the Edinburgh Festival for the last 10 years, providing space for new and experimental work within what is otherwise a very challenging commercial environment. Forest Fringe exists outside of any major cultural institution and without regular government subsidy as an attempt to provide artists with agency and community and to imagine new ways of existing together under capitalism.
UK based organisation Forest Fringe are resident with Beursschouwburg from October 17th to October 23rd. In the wake of Brexit, they have been exploring ways, as a small scale UK-based artists collective, to remain connected with the EU. They have been meeting Belgian based organisations similar to theirs, and working on a response to Brexit called Break up letters for Europe.

They will be opening out their residency to the public at the Beursschouwburg café on Friday.


  • 5pm - A round table discussion with SPIN, Manyone, Robin and any other artist-led collectives about the nature of curating as artists and maintaining a small-scale artist-led organisation
  • 6pm - An informal “Brussels book launch” - discussing Forest Fringe’s recent book Forest Fringe: The First Ten Years and selling the book in the café
  • 7pm - Very early material from Break up letters for Europe - the piece that they have been working on since beginning the residence

The public is welcome to drop by for any of the events at any time between 5pm and 8pm