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Frontal Black Josh + Deco Comprehension + Vega & Proceed


Frontal Black Josh + Deco Comprehension + Vega & Proceed

SA 09.02.2019 22:00

The clique is coming and you know that it’s about to go down!

Frontal is bringing none other than Black Josh to our Zilveren Zaal. Get ready for a blistering rap performance and a full-on ‘feestje’ to top it all off.

Black Josh started rapping in Manchester when he was just 15. Over the years he has mastered a whole array of beat styles, from classic old school to the freshest grime and the occasional bit of trap. Five albums and a slew of singles and mixtapes later, he’s got a hell of a fanbase and he’s starting to break out of the British rap scene into international territory. Black Josh is ready to take Europe by storm and it all starts here in Brussels!

Frontal is the crew, the studio and the label that has helped to put Brussels on the map as a haven of hip-hop. It started with sweaty soirées, laying the groundwork for the glory of Stikstof and the first releases from Zwangere Guy, who’s been a fixture of BRUZZ radio in recent years and since performed countless rock-solid concerts at the AB, BOZAR, and Couleur Café among many others. DJ Vega and co know how to get any audience hopping with their artful blend of hiphop, afrobeat, grime, R&B and funk.

With these OGs it’s always hugs, handshakes and happy reunions – now let’s get down to business. Welcome home, Frontal <3

Part of NORMAL SCHNORMAL, a multidisciplinary programme on normality and other deviations.