Gwenifer Raymond
FR 03.12.2021 20:00

Bridging the musical divide between Welsh folk and American Primitive takes only six strings and no vocals. And, it's still punk?

Gwenifer Raymond and her guitar hail from Wales. Growing up with grunge and punk, she now makes a six-string connection to American Primitive. Following her debut record You Never Were Much Of A Dancer (2018) on the Tompkins Square label, her second record Strange Lights Over Garth Mountain (2020) is an intimate study of her Welsh roots and the way the Celtic folk tradition has inspired the Old West/American Primitive sound. On both sides of the Atlantic, traditional and experimental audiences are totally on board with Raymond's layered compositions. She dedicates her album to Erik Satie while still calling it "punk music, that I sometimes play more aggressively than I mean to."

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