I Fail Good
Sarah Vanhee Turning Turning (a choreography of thoughts)


Sarah Vanhee Turning Turning (a choreography of thoughts)

theater performance
TH 11.10.2012 20:30
FR 12.10.2012 20:30

I think therefore I’ll say what I thought I was thinking

Shoot faster than his own shadow, Lucky Luke could already do that. Talk faster than their thoughts, Sarah Vanhee and her performers try that in Turning Turning.
They prophesy as if their lives depended on it. Possible (self) censorship has no place here, there is simply no time for it. Everything is right and everything is wrong. And what is laid bare is the most dynamic human construction: language.

In English


Concept & direction: Sarah Vanhee (BE)
Performers: Ragna Aurich, Thomas Kasebacher, Sarah Vanhee
Experts: Filip Buekens, Bojana Cvejic, Niels O. Schiller, Jean Paul Van Bendegem, Gertrudis Van de Vijver
Dramaturgy: Berno Odo Polzer
Video: Gerben Gysels, Sam Verhaert
Video advice: Kurt d’Haeseleer
Production: Frascati Producties (NL), Campo (BE)