Intersections Rumours + PEGA + Marouchka


Intersections Rumours + PEGA + Marouchka

SA 07.03.2020 22:00

Wave and punk, by women for women's day for all forever.

Dino-post-punk that sways with a heavy gait, noise-rock.
At first a humble attic project, later moving to a basement, and currently a bedroom, PEGA began with 6 women meeting on Sundays for a “mumusicale” cleansing session. Then there were 5, then 4, and finally 3: Aude (bass and voice), Bárbara (guitar, voice; member of TUVALU) and Leslie (drums).

+ Rumours
Ghent-based electronica formation Rumours is a mystical materialization of shamanpop, merging tropical vibes with trip-hop, low key techno and ambient.

+ Marouchka dj-set
Eighties, wave, more or less.


about intersections
To celebrate their second birthday and International Women’s Rights Day, Psst Mlle presents ‘Intersections’. On 7 and 8 March, womxn programmers and artists will take over Brussels’ prominent venues Ancienne Belgique, Beursschouwburg, C12, FFORMATT, LaVallée and VK. Ten programmers gather their forces to present a weekend with womxn line-ups only, bringing together different genres, venues and organisations.

Intersections, as in the circuit between six venues.
Intersections, as in the intersectionality feminism needs so bad.
Intersections, as in the mix between music genres.
Intersections, as in the connection between female programmers.

full programme: