TH 21.09.2023 20:30
FR 22.09.2023 20:30

Bodies come together in a storm of silences.

A storm is breaking.

IV (4) is a quartet bringing together bodies in movement and stillness, in light and in darkness, to create a series of tableaux that unfold and fracture into moments of blissed out dancing.

A system of loose dancing emerging from  tight structure; a choreographic machine; a meditative play between instinctive rhythms and clock time.



Due to its relationship with time, the performance starts at exactly 20:30. Make sure you get there by 20:15. The doors will close at 20:25.

The show contains flashing lights and haze.


SERAFINE1369 is a London born and based artist, dancer and body-focused researcher working with dancing as a philosophical undertaking, a political project with ethical psycho-spiritual ramifications for being-in-the-world; dancing as intimate technology. They work with/in the context of the hostile architectures of the metropolis towards moments and states of transcendence.

SERAFINE1369’s untitled video work was presented in January 2022 in Beursschouwburg's cinema space. This is the first time to experience their live performance in Brussels.

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Concept, choreography, direction - SERAFINE1369
Performance - Stephanie McMann, Darcy Wallace, Natifah White, Jamila Johnson-Small, SERAFINE1369
Sound Design - Josh Anio Grigg
Light Design - Josh Anio Grigg & SERAFINE1369
Production - Nancy May Roberts
Commissioned by The Yard Theatre and supported by Arts Council England

Special thanks to Rachel Baker, Alexandrina Hemsley, Jane Frances Dunlop, Rosalie Doubal

Image © Camilla Greenwell