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Josefin Arnell Mothership goes to Brazil


Josefin Arnell Mothership goes to Brazil

looped screening
11 OCT — 14 OCT 2017
In loop from Wednesday → Saturday: 12:00 - 22:00

About an intriguing mother-daughter relationship, where one wonders who is who.

Josefin Arnell believes her mother could be a stunning actress, as an experienced expert in leading the double life of hardworking mom by day, drunk and crazy at night.

Intrigued by the South American faith healing described in Alejandro Jodorowski’s books, they embark on a trip to Brazil, in search of the world-famous healer João de Deus (John of God). Hoping he can offer some relief from her mother’s health issues, they discover upon arrival that the miracle worker has been hospitalized. Instead of finding relief, the two women find themselves in a hot and sticky, cult-like village, trying to avoid dodgy swimming pools and middle-aged blonde women who clearly drank the kool-aid.

Josefin Arnell does not shy away from displaying her mother’s struggle with alcoholism, her kooky one-liners and her varicose veins. She does so with clever ease, flipping the script on who is, in fact, the parent.


SE/NL, 2016, 28’
In the framework of THE FUTURE IS FEMINIST.