Eszter Hajdu Judgment in Hungary
looped screening
8 OCT — 9 OCT

Part of The Big Conversation on Fighting Fascism w/ Goethe Institut Brussels

Hungary was the site of serial murders on an ethnic basis. Over the course of one year, the murderers killed and seriously injured Roma children and adults. The state charged 4 men with committing these racially motivated crimes. Their historical trial started in March, 2011 and ended in August, 2013 in Budapest. The 167 days of hearings were continuously documented by Eszter Hajdu‘s crew. They had exclusive permission to use multiple cameras in the courtroom. The film is a classic chamber-drama, taking place in a small, claustrophobic courtroom in the middle of Europe. What will the outcome of this marathon of a 3 year-long trial be?

104 min

In Hungarian with English & German subtitles

in the frame of The Big Conversation on Fighting Fascism, w/ Goethe Institut Brüssel find out more

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