Markus Öhrn Magic Bullet

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While being acclaimed recently for his stage performances, Markus Öhrn primarily works as a video maker in the field of visual art. His installation Magic Bullet is a chronological montage of all the film scenes that were cut by the Swedish censors between 1934 and 2002. Sixty-eight years of cinema showing an evolution of forms, but above all an evolution in sensibilities as well.
Because what was deemed unacceptable yesterday will not necessarily be so tomorrow; it is perhaps the revelation of what it wants to hide that says the most about a society. By removing from invisibility a series of images cut at specific times in history, this conceptual 49-hour-long work poses the question of censorship today. While state censorship has largely disappeared from our liberal cultures, it has been replaced by an internalisation of social control that is doubtless more insidious. Power struggles continue to hide behind the “end of censorship”...