Pierre-Patrice "Pépé" Kasses Le Cendrier du Gaze


Pierre-Patrice "Pépé" Kasses Le Cendrier du Gaze

TH 09.03 20:30
FR 10.03 20:30

In Le Cendrier du Gaze, Pierre-Patrice “Pépé” Kasses relates to the figure of Zwarte Piet. Can embodying such a controversial and charged symbol challenge and nuance our view of the Black body? In this performance, Pépé shows that as a Black performer he often has to play roles that he has not chosen himself. Entering into a dialogue with Zwarte Piet is no mean feat, but little by little he shows a different side to himself. With his solo Pépé wants to place narratives from the past into a contemporary context and make them his own.

50 minutes

Pierre-Patrice “Pépé” Kasses is a queer artist living and working in Brussels. He graduated as a graphic designer from E.R.G. in 2017, and found his way into performance through the cabaret and queer scene in Brussels (Ne mosquito pas, Not allowed glitter’s time, or Le cabaret du Tipi). His practice includes music, dance and theatre. Pépé is interested in questioning the imagery and dynamics that haunt him when he takes the stage.

Pépé is part of the slow collaboration with Bâtard Festival (read more). The collaboration between Bâtard Festival and Beursschouwburg wants to strengthen the ties among the two entities to foster more support for emerging artists.

This performance is a warm-up for the next edition of Bâtard Festival, 5 - 8 APR 2023.

Direction & interpretation: Pierre-Patrice "Pépé" Kasses
Assistant director: Chiara Monteverde
Dramaturgy: Loucka Fiagan & Juliet Melo
Production & diffusion: Buenos Tiempos internationnal
With the support of Bâtard Festival, Buenos Tiempos international, Kunstencentrum BUDA and Workspacebrussels
Presented by Beursschouwburg and Bâtard Festival