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Leftorium Sascha Funke


Leftorium Sascha Funke

SA 23.02.2019 23:00

Left is right.

Geoffroy Mugwump (Subfield/Leftorium) and Prince Off (LaVallée/Leftorium) have already obliterated dancefloors across the world and are renowned here in Belgium for their groundbreaking Leftorium parties, where these gracious gents of the Belgian DJ scene have ushered in a dizzying list of top DJs from near and far.

The influential producer-DJ Sascha Funke is coming with a healthy dose of techno, disco, house and electro. He’s long had a soft spot for Brussels and Belgium in general, for which we can thank ‘Pump up the Jam’, the first track he heard after the Berlin Wall came down. The perfect headliner alongside Mr. and Mr. Leftorium themselves. Yes please!

Part of NORMAL SCHNORMAL, a multidisciplinary programme on normality and other deviations.