Linn da Quebrada [postponed/cancelled]


Linn da Quebrada [postponed/cancelled]

SA 16.05.2020 22:00

Funk carioca, hip hop and the voice of a generation. w/ AB

22:00 - 03:00

This Brazilian artist blends funk carioca, hip hop and cutting socio-political lyrics to create a party of, for and about gender diversity. Having grown up in a favela on the outskirts of São Paulo, Linn da Quebrada uses her art to push back against narrow-minded thinking on gender, orientation and bodies. She is a transgender woman of colour who, with her queerness, intellect and musical creativity is ‘fighting for a place in the social imagination, (…) for the chance to occupy a place in your mind’. In 2019 a remix album was released based on her debut record Pajubá, on which da Quebrada, accompanied by sultry beats, preaches on behalf of her generation. A generation that knows: a live performance by Linn da Quebrada is a politically-charged party, a steamy riot and a collective clubbing phenomenon.

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