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TH 14.02.2019 21:00

An alternative approach of the film genre. A sugar sweet reaction to mainstream porn crap.

This year we won’t be sitting at home alone, eating our feelings. Instead we’ll be dishing up a delicious selection of quality porn to share with you. Yes, you heard us, quality porn. We’ll be taking an alternative approach to the film genre. Think ethics and aesthetics. Think feminist. Think queer.

Porn is undoubtedly enmeshed in the gym-sock fabric of our society. And yet it remains a big taboo; few can talk about their porno habits without going red in the face. Some can’t get enough of it and some happily earn a living from it, while others suffer abuse in the same industry. Valentine’s Day offers us the perfect opportunity to undress porno of all its clichés in search of its good side, in search of alternative porn.

We’re putting on a late-night programme with a porn bar and porno films, all with a focus on pleasure, respect, intimacy, passion, love and lust. We want to unite the porn-watchers of the world and stoke the fires of the curious, to invite everyone to view and reflect on this phenomenon in a safe space. We trust we’ll see you there – don’t make us ask ‘did you come??’

PORNY BAR from 21:00 to 01:00, free entry

Drinks & music w/ Man.Ou.Elle


In the porny bar, Dolly Bing Bing wants to be your cybersexual fantasy. She pushes at the limits of human life into a hybrid, enhanced, angelic and heavenly beyond. With glistening, supernatural physique and painted face, she is a singing sculpture in a dark theatre of softcore performance art. Alongside musical partner Alien Observer, Dolly weaves a trippy soundtrack to a metaphysical, transcendent future.


FILM SCREENINGS 22:30 & 23:30, w/ reservation

Reservations for the screenings are closed. There will be some extra tickets at the door. Just show up and take your chance! You might be lucky, you might end up at the porny bar. :wink:


Playful, Trans, Queer, Self Love, Lesbian, Gay, Coming Of Age

BABY - Evie Snax & Manon Praline (8 min)
An intimate dance, performance art and erotica short film that integrates practice of dance, kink and sexuality with gender transition.

INTOXICATE YOURSELF - Candy Flip, Jo Pollux & Theo Meow (5:35)
Three queer performers get naked and high - and create their own interpretation of a smoking fetish film.

THE RIDING LESSON - Ellen Pearson & Kitty Drake (20:20)
A story about when close female friendship slips over into desire.

GLOAMING - Four Chambers (9:26)
A gentle and delicate story of two bodies meeting, told with elegant simplicity.


Solo Sex, Saliva, Outdoor Sex, Lace and Leather, Dom/sub

HOT COUTURE EP2 - Lucie Blush (17:45)
Hot sauce and masturbation.

SP(L)IT - Julia Patey (13:37)
A exploration of the connection between nature and sexuality, disgust and arousal, indulging in saliva fetish and outdoor sex.

INDULGENCE - Lou Bessemer (8:00)
A voice-over with a presence, dominant, yet benevolent.

ORGY#003 - AORTA films (9:15)
Hungry mouths, wet holes and hitachi orgasms; all in a day's work.

In collaboration with Stien De Vrieze