NiXiE'S: Dendermonde / The Mechanics / dj set In Utero


NiXiE'S: Dendermonde / The Mechanics / dj set In Utero

FR 17.03.2017 22:00


Dendermonde plays Dutch avant-garde pennezakbleus or rotten sewer punk. Maarten Van Cauwenberghe (Voetvolk - contemporary dance) Fred Heur Vinck (effervescent officer and batteur) Diederik Peeters (amateur multi-instrumentalist) and Teuk Henri (guitar athlete) seasoning dirty and repetitive minimalism with samples from the massive legacy of founding member Tom De Weerdt. They attack the tunnel into your brain on, better known as your ear canal with nasty echoes of Can, Silver Apples, Suicide, The Fall of Will Tura.

In 2017 Dendermonde will (finally) release their official debut. The double album 'Dender Empowerment / Dendermondegem' shines titles like 'Wenen' (Crying), 'Snuiven' (Sniffing), 'Begraven' (Buried), 'Overgeven' (Throw up) etc.

Perhaps these verbs describe the sordid but not any humor weaned minimal sound of the group is still the best. Or as a casual passerby put it: "It's like the corridor which was created by a worm, which creates a road eating inside. It starts with a small hole, and then drills deeper and deeper in your skull. "


The Mechanics is an exciting combo operating out of Antwerp, consisting of Eric Thielemans, Rudy Trouvé, Mauro Pawlowski, Roman Hiele and Jean-Yves Evrard.

The Mechanics bring 2 generations of musicians together, out of the avant jazz, improv, rock, song writer and electronics scenes. Mixed into an exciting coctail of energies childishly bald and raw, maturely tender and constructive, spiritually curious and rocking loud with electronic burning sonic edges.

Backpacked with their own sets of broken tools and musical experiences, The Mechanics set out sail to the landscapes and repertoires explored before them by such giants as Ornette Coleman, Alice Coltrane, Sun Ra, Albert Ayler and their contemporaries in other music and art fields.

A first album re-discovering “Mechanics Style” the 1972 Ornette Coleman Masterwork “Dancing In Your Head” will be released somewhere during the fall of 2017.

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Three Malinoise girls were looking for a party, so they created one. Beside the start of a bunch of remarkable concerts in their hometown, they were asked to play some records at Sonic City. And so it started. Dark - industrial - psychedelic - electronic - (post) punk will make you dance. Their mission: keep it dirty & one love on the dance floor.